• Music Exhibition Nürnberg

    24.03.-26.03.23! See you there!

  • Crazy Schnaffhorn 3+1

    Finally some time for this dear project!

    • based on the Schnaffhorn, red brass configuration
    • additional 4th rotary valve
    • balanced weight
    • double trigger for 1st and 3rd slide
    • decompression holes 1st and 3rd valve
    • incredible light weight horn: 1400 grams including the trigger
  • Cornet-Update

    If you don’t go forwards you go backwards… Isn’t that right? That’s why I did some work on my cornet… What’s new? Bell diameter 130mm. Different conical measure. New copper bell. What else? More sound, more intonation, more color… Definitely a breakthrough!

  • This is how the new Tumultus LL sounds!
  • Signature Model Tumultus Lorenzo Ludemann

    In need of a section horn with a big sound and this very hot sizzle?


  • Lorenzo Ludemann

    Damn…! This is awesome! Lorenzo Ludemann is now exclusively playing Böhme horns! You can hear him playing with the Heavytones for “TV Total” and a lot more tv shows and live acts.

  • New artist: Joe Babiak

    Joe Babiak is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has performed, recorded, and toured with a number of renowned artists. After many fruitful years in Chicago and Los Angeles, Joe now resides in Europe where he and his wife tour together as the music-duo “Joe & Linda”.

    Joe made an awesome video demonstrating his new Horn. Check it out!

  • J. Landress Brass

    Good news for New York. 😉 You can get Böhme instruments at Josh’s shop! He’s now an official Böhme dealer.

  • Melvin Burger

    I’m very happy that Melvin chose a Tumultus copper bell and a Magnus flugelhorn.

    Welcome on board!

    Melvin is the principal trumpet player of the Military Band of Luxembourg since 2012 and teaches at the “Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg”. He played with musicians like Patti Austin, Michel Camilo, Billy Cobham, Richard Bona, Paquito D’Rivera and a lot more.

  • New dealer ACB

    Great news! Trent Austin from Austin Custom Brass is now a dealer of Böhme trumpets in the US! If you are interested check out his website. He even started a “Build your own” configuration site for my Tumultus.

    Here is his first video:

  • Opening hours

    To make sure every customer gets my full attention I decided to renounce my opening hours. Please call or write an email for an appointment.

  • Model Magnus

    The new horn is ready! Check out the details here.

  • Custom finishes

    There are so many possibilities… Some ideas are my own but many are the ideas of my customers which I try to implement. Here: silver plated corpus + slides, main tuning slide + stems brushed and palladium plated. The rings on the 1st and 3rd slide are gold plated.

  • Schnaffhorn Update 2.0

    I’m always looking for updates to make my instruments even better. After I made a lot of new leadpipes I started to make small adjustments for the body too. In total the intonation is now even better and the approach of each tone is more precise.

  • Flugelhorn-Update

    As you know intonation is a struggling thing on a flugelhorn. That is why I developed new lead pipes over the last months to make the intonation even better. The gap is one significant detail which can change the whole instrument. Now I got four different gap and lead pipe variants to solve the problem that a “wrong” or not fitting mouthpiece can do to the whole instrument.

  • Donat mouthpieces

    I’m very happy about the collaboration with Dimitri Donat. He makes excellent mouthpieces. As an exclusive dealer I have a lot of his stuff on stock. Every surface work is custom made for you by myself.

  • DHZ

    I made it. Cover of the DHZ. 🙂

  • Tumultus – copper bell

    The Tumultus is now available with a special and extra thin copper bell.

    Why? I’m always looking for new things to try. It’s very interesting what changes after a small modifications. This is definitely something you simply must check out…

  • Corona Update

    Please call or write me for an appointment. I won’t have my regular opening ours till Covid-19 gets any better.

  • New Model

    The new model Clarus is ready!

  • Tanya Darby

    I’m honored and proud having Tanya Darby as a new Artist!