• Model Magnus

    You like it dark? I mean really dark? There is something coming… Only some last adjustments left… You’ll get the hell of a dark sound with great intonation! 🙂

    Update: First horn is ready. More information is coming soon…

  • Schnaffhorn Update 2.0

    I’m always looking for updates to make my instruments even better. After I made a lot of new leadpipes I started to make small adjustments for the body too. In total the intonation is now even better and the approach of each tone is more precise.

  • Flugelhorn-Update

    As you know intonation is a struggling thing on a flugelhorn. That is why I developed new lead pipes over the last months to make the intonation even better. The gap is one significant detail which can change the whole instrument. Now I got four different gap and lead pipe variants to solve the problem that a “wrong” or not fitting mouthpiece can do to the whole instrument.

  • Donat mouthpieces

    I’m very happy about the collaboration with Dimitri Donat. He makes excellent mouthpieces. As an exclusive dealer I have a lot of his stuff on stock. Every surface work is custom made for you by myself.

  • DHZ

    I made it. Cover of the DHZ. 🙂

  • Tumultus – copper bell

    The Tumultus is now available with a special and extra thin copper bell.

    Why? I’m always looking for new things to try. It’s very interesting what changes after a small modifications. This is definitely something you simply must check out…

  • Corona Update

    Please call or write me for an appointment. I won’t have my regular opening ours till Covid-19 gets any better.

  • New Model

    The new model Clarus is ready!

  • Tanya Darby

    I’m honored and proud having Tanya Darby as a new Artist!