The Schnaffhorn

The sound of this flugelhorn is mellow and charming. Together with Julian Wasserfuhr, a genius Jazz musician and passionate beer brewer, I developed this new instrument. Schnaff is not only the name of the tasty and fruity Schnaff beer which Julian brews with his brother Roman but also now the name of the new horn creation. With the large bell and the very modern curves it is an absolute eye-catcher. To balance the weight of the instrument well, we made a special thick-walled lead pipe. This also helps for an easy approach with a nice slotting over all ranges.

A refreshing and open feeling…

…as if drinking an ice cold Schnaff beer on a sun terrace.

Tough enough for Schnaff?

Technical details

  • red brass
  • well-balanced and thick-walled lead pipe
  • massive nickel silver ring
  • bell diameter: 160mm
  • MAW valves, bore 10,5mm

Sound samples

Schnaffhorn – Solo
Schnaffhorn – Klassik