Arcanus – mystical fiction and tonal completion.

What makes this model so different?

The Arcanus is made with perfection in all different parts. The Zirnbauer- or Meinlschmidt valves with a bore of 11,2mm, the 135mm bell and the three changeable leadpipes match perfectly. The bell is fixed on purpose.

You are able to play this instruments over three octaves very freely. You’ll never work against the instrument. The trumpet is made without any keys on the tuning slide. Thus the instrument is lighter and in most cases you don’t need them anyway. (optionally available)  

Set as default, the model is produced having a 1st and 3rd slide trigger to make your orchestral work easier.

Another feature is the finger ring that gives the instrument something extraordinary. Not only in an optical way.

The Arcanus comes with many features and you get a bunch of dynamic and sound possibilities. Enjoy it. You’ll discover new secrets every day.

Mysteriously completed.

Technical details

  • Zirnbauer- or Meinlschmidt valves, bore 11,2mm
  • bell diameter: 135mm
  • hand hammered bell
  • material: yellow or red brass
  • changeable leadpipe
  • 1st + 3rd slide trigger
  • optional: keys for tuning slide

Sound sample

Arcanus – Klassik